ISO Standards Update: ISO 14001 - Significant progress made in Tokyo

The ISO Technical Committee, ISO/TC 207/WG 5, concluded their meeting in Tokyo on 7 February and has made significant progress towards the approval of the ISO 14001 Final Draft International Standard (FDIS).

As announced by ISO on 22 January 2015, ISO 14001 has progressed to Final Draft International Standard – the next stage in the ISO standard revision process – following approval of the latest draft by an impressive 92 % at the end of 2014.

LRQA System and Governance Manager, Steve Williams said of the meeting, “Over the course of the meeting, the committee successfully reviewed half of the comments which were submitted against the Draft International Standard (DIS). In addition to this, further work took place in relation to definitions within the standard and in relation to clause 4 – Context of the Organisation and clause 6 - Planning. Following this, changes were made which also reflect the comments which were submitted.”

The remaining comments will be reviewed at the next meeting of the committee which will take place in the UK in April.

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