LRQA ISO Standards Update: Key meeting for revision to ISO 14001 starts in UK next week

The ISO Working Group, ISO/TC 207/WG 5, which is responsible for the revision of ISO 14001, is meeting in Chiswick, UK next week to continue shaping the latest version of the international environmental management system standard.

LRQA System and Governance Manager, Steve Williams, is the IIOC representative on the working group and he explained that one of the main aspects of the meeting will be to review the remaining comments (from 1,400 comments received) that couldn’t be covered during the February, 2015 Tokyo meeting. “For the revised ISO 14001 standard to remain a credible and effective tool for environmental management, it is vital that we consider all of the comments carefully so that any revision to the DIS text is seen to be an improvement in the FDIS” commented Williams.

Before the meeting in February, ISO expected the Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) to be ready in April, so that the ballot could take place in June or July, leading to ISO 14001:2015 being published in late October or November.

These timelines are now delayed as a result of the upcoming working group meeting in the UK, after which the details of the new timelines will be communicated.

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